Gibraltar | Fidulink Support | Company Formation


  • Government fees
  • Name Verification – Consent Letter
  • Preparation and completion of all necessary documents to register the company
  • Registered address 1 year (legal)
  • Secretary Services Company 1 year Gibraltar*
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company registration
  • Current Account opening Assistance
  • Electronic Company Documents (pdf)
  • A dedicated agent for 1 year

*I remind you that a non-resident must have a resident secretary service in Gibraltar. The service is included in the package.

  • Provision of the address of the registered office – Annual fee £600.00 or €695.00
  • Mandatory Gibraltar Service Secretary – Annual fee £345.00 or €400.00
  • Preparation and filing of an annual report £295 or €345.00
  • Filing of an abbreviated balance sheet with the Registry, within 13 months of the end of the financial year concerned From £599 or €685.00
  • Preparation and filing of an annual corporation tax return (CT1) at the Tax Office £250 or €290.00
  • Annual Compliance Fee – Charged on renewal £200 or €235.00
  • Annual Compliance Fee – Charged at renewal for additional beneficial owner £170 or €199.00


To start the process, we will need the following KYC/Due Diligence documents from your client:
  • Provide a photograph of your passport showing the 4 corners of the document (format required: PNG, JPEG, etc.) and a recent “selfie”.
  • Certified Copy of your Passport [Images should be free of glare, with no « background noise » in the images. Taking a photo using a modern camera phone with the document open on a table is acceptable.]
  • Certified copy of utility bill (or original), showing residential address. (this must be dated less than 3 months). Online downloadable PDFs can be considered originals.
  • An up-to-date and detailed CV (in English)
  • Bank statement showing a positive balance and recent transactions (this should correlate with the information provided in the Source of Wealth Questionnaire)

The standard KYC/due diligence compliance timeframe with the registry is usually around 2 weeks, but it depends on the complexity of the business structure and the level of information, documentation we initially receive from you. If the onboarding process begins with enough time to finalize services, bank application, etc. at an additional cost.
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