Lithuania | Fidulink Support | UAB Company Formation [EN]



📌 Consultation on registering your UAB

📌 Power of attorney

📌 Fidulink KYC Procedure [Company Sheet – Personal Questionnaire – Identity Documents]

📌 Drafting of statutes

📌 Drafting and realization of all the incorporation file of your company

📌 Application for registration in the register

📌 Government tax business registration certificate

📌Annual domiciliation service fee 1 year included

📌 Post Registration: Application for registration in the register of Economic Beneficiaries | Shareholders

📌 2 Help opening business accounts | 1 Cumulative Account to deposit the capital and Current Account

📌 Electronic business documents (pdf)

📌 A dedicated agent for 1 year

For each shareholder and director

📌 Clear scanned color copy of passports for each shareholder (full page of passport showing all 4 corners).

📌 A proof of personal address in your country of residence dated less than three months

We must have a scan to edit the power of attorney and a copy certified by a notary or a local body such as town hall, consulate… for registration in the central register;


Average time 15 working days to registered your company – The time will depend on how quickly the client, bank and registry respond.

Average time 15 working days: Application for Visa D


Step 1 – We check availability Business name
We will reserve your business name and obtain the initial approval required for the issuance of your business.
Step 2 – We prepare your company documents
We will prepare your company documents, including articles of association and all incorporation documents. All shareholders are required to sign these documents.
Step 3 – We help you open the Corporate Escrow Account to deposit the capital
Capital minimum is 2500 €

Step 4: Application for registration
Step 5 – You receive your ESI
You will receive the ESI to start your business.
Step 6 – Request for register of economic beneficiaries
Step 7 – Help with opening a business current account


📌 Website quote on request

📌 VISA D Application | 2900 EUR [one-year multiple-entry Schengen D visa for 1 person, based on business ownership]. Each additional candidate in the same company costs an additional €1,000 and an additional €1,200.00 per child. Up to four visa applicants can be included in a single company. If you wish to obtain a Visa D, as soon as the company is created, you will have to opt for the complete package because 28,000 € of capital is compulsory to apply for it. I will explain more in detail over the phone.
You will also need to prove that you have €14,000 to live for 1 year. Economy…

If you need, we accompany you for this service, specify it and we will send you a complete offer.

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